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Rockville Auto Body Shop – 4 Crucial Things to Know…

Rockville Central Auto Body Shop – Let’s Start with the Basics…

Welcome to Rockville Auto Body Shop. Your car is like your body. Like your body it has circulatory system that sends crucial liquids to places to  ensure your car gets what it needs to perform for you.  If your car doesn’t perform or has problems, there’s a better than average chance that you may want to come in for a check up. Or in this case a ‘tune up’.

It’s a smart idea to get your car vaccinated for all the things that are bound to go wrong now and while you own it. Buy why must I get a check up? Same reason you go to your physician/doc.  Kind of like the mechanic he’s there to be sure you aren’t ready to pop a main seal.

Preventative Maintenance – A pound of prevention is worth a TON of cure…

Not only does a tune up bring your car ‘up to speed’ so to speak, it also protects and shields it from all things to do with “Murphy’s Law” which is “what can go wrong will and at the worst possible time”. Remember, Murphy was an optimist.  Most times your car is running fine and doesn’t need us but when something goes wrong we all tend to let out a shriek of discontent when it does. It’s never a good time. At Rockville Central Auto Body shop we know the feeling It’s also the last thing we want to happen to you.

Rockville Central Auto Body Shop – 4 Smart Things You Need to Know…

We wanted to reveal a pro’s list of some basic items that you want to make sure are in good shape and ready for the road.

  1. Your Brakes. If there’s one thing you want to be able to do in ALL circumstances is STOP when/if you need to. If you remove this one single thing, the rest of this list is useless to save you. Have your brakes checked. Not kidding here.
  2. Your Steering. Coming in a close second is the ability to steer your car away from harm. As you know neglect here can and does spell disaster every day around the country. Have this checked right after the brakes.
  3. Change Oil. If you can’t remember the service person from your last oil change there’s a good chance that it’s been too long. The oil in your car is its lifeblood. When blood gets dirty it wears a person down. In the case of Keith Richards from the the band The Rolling Stones well…you get the picture – nuff said.
  4. Change Your Air Filter. Have you ever sprinted and covered your mouth so you could not breathe at the same time? If not that’s a good thing because this is exactly what you are doing to your car when you don’t change the filter. It can’t breathe in and so it doesn’t perform.

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Rockville Central Auto Body Shop –  The Conclusion… You Comin in??

We think you should. Accidents happen always at the worst time and fast. Don’t wait to find out if your car isn’t running properly. It’s hard enough to drive with all the texting going on already. By the way the entire staff here at Rockville Central Auto Body shop do not want you to ever text and drive. According to reliable statistics texting and driving is mathematically equivalent to drunk driving 10X! We ask that you wait until you get home safely. Your family loves you and when you come in for a tune up you are a part of ours too (and yes we do care about you).

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