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I take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for the superb service you rendered in responding to my recent need for some body repairs on my Mercedes sedan. I was impressed with all aspects of the experience. The estimate was rendered in a well appointed office of a shop which clearly reflected high standards. I was most satisfied with the work which restored the car’s appearance without a blemish. Moreover, as promised, it was completed on schedule and at the estimated cost.

Again, many thanks!!!

 Joseph Douglas,

Thank you, Rockville Central Auto for taking care of me and my car. The service was very professional and efficient. Even though the damage looked minimal to the rear bumper, Richard knew to climb underneath and look more closely. He found the exhaust pipe was bent too, luckly no frame damage. All of the insurance paperwork was handled by Richard saving me time. The car was completed a half a day early and right on the quoted amount. There was some touchup work performed on other areas that were above and beyond the scope of work we discussed, appreciate that. Thanks again for a job well done. I will certainly recommend Rockville Central Auto Body to family and friends with confidence. I will bring my car back when required. Hopefully not soon.

Have a happy 4th!

 Jim Welch – Olney, MD,

I came across Rockville Central Auto Body as I was leaving another body shop appointment following an accident. I was pleased with the way that I was greeted by Rich, one of the managers. He was professional and polite.

Rich approached my vehicle with a clipboard and paper and did a professional estimate of the damage on my car. Unlike others who took more of a casual approach, he looked at my car and didn’t overlook certain things like the crack in the cover of my mirror. This told me the kind of care that would be given to repair my vehicle (2007 Nissan Altima).

The staff at Rockville Central Auto Body did a great job on my car. They guaranteed their workmanship and the paint on the vehicle 100% for the life of the car, which put me at ease. I also ended up paying less than the estimate, which was also a plus. I was treated with respect, and they made it very easy to get back and forth to work by providing me a ride to and from the Rockville metro station. I later had to return because I noticed a plastic flap hanging from the front of my car (unrelated to the previous accident or Rockville’s work) and Rich took care of it for me, complimentary. This was great service, and I greatly appreciate it!

I would recommend paying a visit to Rockville Central Auto Body before you make a decision on getting body work done on your vehicle

 Dave Williams,

Many thanks for yet another fine job in replacing and painting my front bumper cover on my 2004 M3. I have always been pleased with bodywork and paint jobs on the cars you have worked on, which include our Porsche Boxter, Lexus RX350. And you are easy to work with. I would not consider going to another body shop due to the high quality work and fair pricing. I appreciate the fine work and good service.

 John Bevacqua,

I was sent to Rockville Central Auto Body by my insurance company after having a pretty major accident.I could not have been taken care of any better, this place is GREAT!!!! They took care of me from start to finish like I was family. They finished my car 3 days earlier then they told me and when I went to pick it up it looked like new. I will tell everybody I know about how well I was treated and how great my car looked when I got it back. ROCKVILLE CENTRAL AUTO BODY YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST IN TOWN!!!!!

 Robin Thomas – Mount Airy Md,

I have been a customer of Rockville Central Auto Body for the last five or six years. They were recommended by a Montgomery County police officer who has an auto detailing service. He certainly knows his cars. Having had several lukewarm jobs by body shops in the area, I was anxious to find a really good one. And find one I did! Their work is perfect. No bad job goes out of the door. Dealing with them is easy. They are fair and honest!! Look no further if you want to be happy.

 Anne Gainer – Bethesda Md.,

Rockville Central Auto Body was recommended to me by a friend who has frequent work done on her car. She can afford to keep it looking like new by patronizing this body shop. They repaired my automobile perfectly. After many nicks, scrapes and dents, it was embarrassing to drive. They worked quickly and the car looks like new. My highest praise and recommendation.

 Albert McCarthy – Chevy Chase,

Since I first came to Rockville Central Auto Body more than fifteen years ago, I’ve not used another auto body repair shop since. It goes without saying that your work and that of your technicians has been flawless. All of the repairs of my autos that have ranged from dents to large portions of the body being replaced have looked like they had never been repaired when you finished the repair. Your dealings with the insurance agents on my behalf have put my mind at ease whenever my autos were in your hands. I recommend Rockville Central Auto Body without hesitation to all my friends and neighbors who have had the misfortune of a car accident or are in need of other auto body repairs. Keep up your excellent work. Your shop is one of a kind.

 Victor Cohen – Potomac, MD,

On Saturday, 20 May 2012 your shop received my 2011 Silver Toyota Corolla, badly damaged at its right front end. I had fallen asleep while driving it and side-swiped two other vehicles parked on the side of the street, before the Corolla and I came to rest.

The other two vehicles were injured, but not very seriously; I was completely unharmed. The Corolla was not so lucky. A tow truck came and took to your place.

I had never really liked that Corolla, since the day I leased it from the Toyota dealer. I’ve been spoiled. I’ve driven high performance sports cars for a lot of my driving life, and I expect a lot of my cars. I expect them to go left right away, when I turn the steering wheel left; to stop when I step on the brake; to go faster right away when I step on the accelerator. The Corolla acted like it didn’t know how to do any of those things – at least, not until it had thought about it for a while. I don’t know why I had leased that car. I was not in a good mood the day I did it, and I think I thought I didn’t deserve anything any better; that’s all I can figure.

Anyway, when – on 06 June – I retrieved the Corolla from your shop, I was amazed! Yes! The repairs were all well-done. Everything looked great! No squeaks, no groans, nothing rattled, it was straight on the road, all was as it should be!

But there was a lot more! When I turned the steering wheel left, the Corolla turned left! Right, right! It also stopped when I put on the brakes, and sped up when I stepped on the accelerator! I am not exaggerating, or simply trying to make you (and your team) feel good. The entire car was in better working condition than it ever had been since I drove it out of the dealership in November. It met spec! And it really had not done that before. I had thought that 2011 Corollas in general were just not as good as all the other Toyotas I’d owned and driven before.

That was not so; I had had a Lemon. Or at least, I’d had a poorly-adjusted Corolla, and you guys had really tweaked and tuned it up and got it whipped into shape!

Now, you’ll recall that – a few days later – I called you from somewhere in the mountains of West Virginia, in a panic, because I was having trouble on the right-hand curves. I thought that

maybe there was still something wrong with the car. I did figure out that it wasn’t the car, but it wasn’t until the end of July that I found out what the problem really was.

About every 10 years, something bad happens and I get a really terrible infection in my left ear. That eardrum is perforated, and gunk gets behind it and makes a royal mess. I always forget to remember about the things like dizziness, falling sideways (always to the right), driving off the (right) side of the road, and a host of other things I won’t bother you with.

That was what was happening about the right turns in the mountains of West Virginia. I should’ve known! There was nothing wrong with the car, at all!

But I won’t forget that you and your crew are a bunch of men who know how to put cars together and make them work right. That’s a talent and skill I appreciate and respect. I used to be able to do it, so I know what it takes, and I know how easy it is to do a bad job, too.

What you did to that Corolla was a Right Righteous Good Job!

Gentlemen, Take A Bow!

Thank you so much! I wouldn’t have made it through West Virginia, if you hadn’t done what you did!

Most sincerely,

 Cybele Sieradzki,

My 2005 Acura MDX’s whole right side was damaged significantly when a careless driver crashed his car into it. At the suggestion of my mechanic, I took it to Rockville Central Autobody for repair and I was not disappointed. Tony and Richard, the owners that I met, are professional, courteous individuals who made my stress-level went away with the explanations on how and when my car would be repaired.

The shop did a magnificent job in restoring my car. The quality is second to none. The car looks almost like the day I bought it seven years ago. Superior workmanship!!

I highly recommend Rockville Central Autobody, a shop where with great work ethics and superb craftsmanship. Thank you very much Tony and Richard.

 Chi Pham, Richard,

Wanted to thank you for the fine work you performed on my Mercedes last week. Everything looks great and your work with the insurance company made it very easy and convenient for me. Thanks again!

 Rich, Richard W. Holland, CFM, CRPC First Vice President Popera, Overholt & Holland

I wanted to take this time to tell everyone about an extremely positive experience I had with Rockville Central Auto (RCA).

My car was in a minor “fender-bender” in April and since it wasn’t my fault I was entitled to a free loner car to use while my car was being serviced. I called the service station in my area that I’ve trusted with all my family’s cars, to recommend a body shop to fix the repairs I needed. Without hesitation, they recommended RCA.

The next day I called them to schedule an appointment and when doing so, they told me what paperwork to bring with me from the insurance company and suggested I use the Enterprise Rental Car near them. They told me the information to give to Enterprise and assured me that between Enterprise and RCA, I would have a ride between both places, when picking up and dropping off the rental car.

When one of the owners and I went over the car and discussed where the damage was, I mentioned a noise I’d been hearing in the side bumper area (the opposite side from where the damage occurred). Without hesitation, I was told they’d look at it and try to figure out what the noise was so I could go back to my service station and have it fixed.

Before the collision damage was repaired, they called to discuss “the noise”. They said they thought it was coming from the brakes and there seemed to be a bracket missing on the one side. They offered to fix it, but told me that I shouldn’t spend the money since the brakes were fairly new and suggested I go back to the dealer who put them on and have them fix the problem. I agreed.


Within two days, my car was finished. When I picked it up, there was no extra paperwork that needed to be done. They said if there was anything that needed to be dealt with between them and the person-at-fault’s insurance company, they would deal with it. I didn’t have to worry about anything. As promised, I had a ride to and from the Enterprise Rental Car and was on my way.

Just a quick follow up on the “noise.” I took it to the dealership the next day and they fixed the problem with the brakes, at no charge. However, they didn’t think the noise was coming from that area. The car needed new shocks. They even took me to the car and showed me where they made the repairs on the brakes and had me look at the bad shocks. I drove off, the same day, with repaired brakes and new shocks (no noise, either) all because RCA had suggested I back to the Mazda dealer. Normally, I would have taken it to the service station that I referenced above.

The bottom line is…Rockville Central Auto did exactly as they told me they would do and, further, went beyond what they were obligated to do. They saved me money, because they could have easily fixed the brakes there and had me pay for it. As for the shocks, if it weren’t for them suggesting I go back to the dealership for the brakes, I probably would have spent more time and money at my service shop getting new shocks. Instead, was able to get it done in a couple of hours at the dealership.

Everyone at RCA, that I dealt with was friendly, professional and followed through with the promises they made. I would, without hesitation, recommend them to anyone that asked about a reputable and reliable auto body repair shop.

Rockville Central Auto…they’re #1 in my book!!!

 Suzanne Weis – Olney, MD,

“I highly recommend Rockville Central Autobody. Rockville Central has worked on my car on two occasions, and both times, their customer service was excellent (they even dropped-me-off and picked-me-up from the metro), their estimates were honest and fair, and the quality of their work was top-notch. I will definitely be using Rockville Central Autobody in the future for all of my autobody needs.”


 Michael Davis,

I am forwarding this note to express my appreciation for the outstanding work performed on my vehicle at Rockville Central Auto (RCA). I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of Richard and his staff. I have worked with RCA in the past and because the work was so exceptional, I insisted to USAA that I would only utilize RCA as the company to handle my car. I certainly appreciate the exemplary work and attention to detail.

It is nice to deal with pleasant, professional people who know their business. A week ago, I handed Richard a van with a mangled bumper, fender and assorted damage. Today (Friday, 10/26) I received a vehicle that appeared as if it had just arrived from the Toyota showroom, because the paint was perfectly blended. The entire car was washed and looked marvelous.

I am meticulous about my car and am sincerely pleased with the job Richard and his staff performed on my vehicle. I will also continue to recommend to my family and friends that they have their work completed at RCA.


 Ron Nesbitt,

Thank you AmeriPrise and RCAB (Rockville Central Auto Body), for be there for me. RCAB, you have done a great job. If there are 100 points for the vote, you got my 101 points. You are the simplest best out there, cleanest shop, nice people…

I will highly recommend your shop.

Great job and thank you!

 Eric Hou,

I want to give a shout out to Richard at Rockville Central Autobody in Rockville, MD. I just had some bodywork done on my vehicle and he did an excellent job! I have gone there several times over the years and they have always provided exceptional service. They are professionals and have never failed to have the vehicle ready when promised. However, most importantly, my vehicle always looks flawless when I leave. If you want superior autobody work then I highly recommend Rockville Central Autobody.

 T. Spann,

Richard, I want to personally thank you for the wonderful job you and your team did to restore my car to mint condition after my recent accident. As you know, an accident is a traumatic experience for anyone. Seeing your car in a wrecked state is more unsettling than one can imagine, until it happens. It’s almost impossible to believe that your car will ever be the same again.

From the moment I called to tell you of my accident on October 21, 2012, you were compassionate, informative, and capable. Not only did you work with me to get my car in as expeditiously as possible, you gave me a reasonable timeline and communicated with me, whenever there was a new development that might possibly delay the due date. This provided me a peace of mind that is priceless!

I really appreciate your work ethic, professionalism, and customer service. I will recommend Rockville Central Auto Body (and you) to anyone who needs body work done in the future.

I’d like to sum it up in two words, “thank you!”

 Kimberley S. Adams, NEA Member Benefits Manager, Affiliate Relations & Communications office 301.527.6243|fax 301.956.1861

To all auto aficionados:


To all those individuals that maintain their cars in a pristine condition I would like to recommend the Rockville Central Auto body shop for any and all repairs to your damaged car. I have had the distinct pleasure of having my car repaired twice by this company. On both occasions the repair was done in an immaculate manner, on time or sooner than expected. The first repair was in Dec of 2010 as the result of a hit and run. The second was deer damage at the end of October 2012. My car looked like it came out of the factory. It is a 2003 E320 Mercedes. No shop could have done a better job.

 David Holtz, Potomac, MD

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